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Do you walk into your shed and turn right back around and walk out? Is finding anything in a mess a task you would compare to the well-known “Where’re Waldo” puzzles? Are you scared that one wrong move will bring a shelf or row of pots or tools on your head?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you aren’t alone. While it may seem like a hopeless cause, don’t dismay, there are a few tips that can help you get organized and stay that way.

1. Install a Tool Rack

A great way to get your long-handled tools off the rack is by installing a tool rack. What’s great about this organization tip is that all you need is an old pallet. Mount this to the wall, and use it for holding your brooms, spades, forks, shovels, and more.

If you have some smaller tools that you would like to hang, too, consider installing hooks. By doing this, you are going to free up room on the floor and eliminate the possibility of a tool falling on your head or foot, which can be dangerous. If you are looking to store larger items, like this one from Easy Digging, you may have to get a bit more creative with your solutions.

2. The More Shelving, the Better

The last thing you need is an array of random items and tools lying on the shed floor. This is where shelving comes in and can be an invaluable asset to keeping your shed neat and tidy.

Also, with the right shelving, you can take advantage of vertical space, which is going to make your shed look and feel bigger and give you plenty of room for more essential items you may need to store away.

If you consider yourself a decent carpenter, it’s a good idea to make customized, attached shelving for your shed. By doing this, you can maximize your storage space and ensure the shelving works with your shed’s dimensions.

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3. Use Pegboard

Pegboard is a multipurpose surface that is a smart addition to any shed. With pegboard, you can fix the panels direct to the walls, and then use the custom “S” hooks to hang an array of tools, parts, components, and other things on the wall. The best part is, pegboard is exceptionally affordable, making it a cheap way to get your shed organized.

4. Hazardous Material Storage

Regardless of if it is pool chemicals, fertilizers, and paint thinner, or something else, if you have hazardous materials in your shed, it’s a good idea to keep them in a separate cabinet or box. If possible, add a lock to the storage area to prevent children or pets from getting into these potentially harmful materials.

While it’s necessary to have these things on hand, you can and should take steps to ensure they don’t harm anyone.

5. Clean-Up Your Space Regularly

One of the main reasons that sheds get so disorganized, to begin with, is because you don’t take the time to pick up and put things where they belong regularly. To help ensure that a shed doesn’t suffer this fate again, always clean up after projects and put tools and other items where they go.

Keeping Your Shed Clean and Organized

Regardless of what you use your shed for, using the tips and information here is going to help you keep it clean and organized for a long time. Be sure to keep this in mind to minimize issues and ensure all your tools and other necessities are in a location where they are easy to find.

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