A lot of people think that treasure hunting can only be done in vast oceans and places where one can find old sunken ships or a box of coins buried inside an ancient land. But guess what? You are wrong because you can even start treasure hunting in your own house! Yes, you read that right. After all, the place you are living in was also once an ancient land where people before you lived.

Who knows there’s some treasure under your house or if it’s hidden in the garage, etc.? The point is that if you look at the right places, treasure hunting can be really fun for you, and it won’t even exhaust you. Now, you might be wondering about the tools you need to hunt down some treasure, well, guess what? All you need to do is to make a small investment in a metal detector, and that’s it! A metal detector will be more than enough for you to find some treasure in your house. 

Speaking of which, today, we are going to jot down some of the best places to find hidden treasure around the house. If you want this to be an adventurous and fun activity for you, then take notes. Because most people found treasures in their home in these places; 

1-Inside The Walls 

If your house is ancient, the chances are that there’s some treasure inside the walls. All you have to do is to take off the switchboards and then try to shine some light inside the walls. The chances are that you’ll get something out of there. Recently, a man in Canada tried looking for treasure inside the walls of his house and guess what? He found some posters that were used for insulation, and later those posters got sold for $50,000. Just think about it? If a person can get paid this much money for only posters, how much you can get for coins and other such precious things?. 


If you’ve inherited your house, then the best place to find treasure is in the closets. A guy named Micheal found books worth $3 million inside the closet of his house that was inherited by him from his great-great-aunt in Virginia. There were a total of 375 comic books inside that closet. Sometimes the closet shelves appear empty, but when you make a hole in them or try to look behind them, you find cash, books, and other such treasures hidden by your ancestors. 

3-Barns And Sheds

Especially the abandoned barns and sheds should be your focus during treasure hunting because these places aren’t under some ghostly influence. Some people make stories about them so that no one even enters them. Most of the times, these barns and sheds have the treasures in them that you cannot even imagine. They can be anything, from books to coins to clothes, you should be prepared for anything to come out. 


If you ever want to remodel your ceiling, make sure to do it yourself because sometimes even the ceilings have treasures in them. Once a man found $15000 in his ceiling while remodeling it. So, yes, the chances are that also you do have something inside.  

These are some of the best places to find hidden treasure around your house. The list doesn’t end here; in fact, there are so many more places to look some treasure for. Just use a metal detector and start searching your house place by place. Let us know if you find any treasure at some new hidden site! 

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