Carports can be built at a reasonably cheap cost due to the variety of options available. Various materials can be used to make the frame and roof, and these days there are different roof styles on offer, such as flat, pitched, or gabled roofs.

Materials Used to Build a Carport

The materials used to build a carport have their benefits and setbacks. The top five most common materials are steel, oak, aluminum, fabric, and polycarbonate. You can find these materials being you in all different areas. They are strong and durable and have even been used on Destin Florida homes which are near the beach. All of these protect your vehicle from the elements, such as sun, hail, wind, and hail; however, they can vary in quality, durability, and price.

5 Materials for Building a Carport

  1. Steel

Steel is commonly used to build carports due to its high strength to weight ratio (high force per unit mass). Steel is flexible, allowing for it to be molded to different shapes and has high durability, providing you with a long-lasting carport.

  1. Oak

Oak provides a rustic quality to a carport, and when used, sustainably can offer an environmentally-friendly choice. For example, green oak has the lowest embodied energy of any primary building material.

  1. Polycarbonate

This durable thermoplastic material is lightweight, can endure extreme temperatures and protects cars from UV rays, but is more expensive than other alternatives.

  1. Plastic

Plastic does not offer as many benefits as the other materials mentioned but is much more affordable for this reason. Plastics are resistant to corrosion and so maybe a better option for an unusually wet or humid climate.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is considered the most environmentally friendly choice of all metals as it is composed of 50-85% recyclable material. Aluminum can reflect sunlight, making it a better carport choice for a warmer climate.

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