Keeping a cheap self-storage unit after moving house can be beneficial for lots of different reasons which you can read about here. Renting a local self-storage unit when you move house makes much sense. It gives you a safe and secure extra space to utilize during what can be a very stressful and chaotic time.


Renting storage space just for the move makes sense, because it will have served its purpose, and the contracts are usually flexible enough to enable you short term use. See for more details on self-storage. However, it could be worth hanging on to that unit for a little bit longer, here’s why:

If You Think You Might Need It Again In The Future

If there’s a high chance you will need a self-storage unit in London, or local to you, at some point again in the future then why ditch a group you know is in excellent condition, that is within a reasonable distance, owned by a company you like? Save yourself some time and effort, and stick with the unit you worked hard to get right in the first place.

Planning Renovations?

If renovations are on the cards in your new place, you’ll want to protect your stuff from dust, debris, and damage. A self-storage unit is a quick solution, providing you with a dry, clean space to keep your things while your house is being done up. Click here to see a handy storage price comparison chart.

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Are There Items You Still Want To Sell?

When moving house it is a great idea to declutter, and so you might have items in self-storage you want to sell or even give away, you didn’t have time before the move. Why rush placing them into your new house, taking up precious space? By keeping the unit and clearing items out from there, you can avoid cluttering your new space with things you might put off selling otherwise.

Have You Moved House To Start A Family?

If you have moved house to start a family or expand your current family, you may well need extra space soon. Babies and children take up much space, very quickly. Self-storage offers you the room to clear a place for a nursery, to store seasonal toys or equipment. It serves as an extra room you can use to store anything you want, prioritizing space in your home for your growing brood.

Cheap Self-Storage Unit

Extra storage space is usually helpful for most households because most people would like additional space to store their things. Through bills, mortgages, rent and other costs we all pay a lot for our very own piece of the world, so it makes sense to utilize a low-cost, secure, safe space to keep items that we don’t need immediate access to.

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If you had a self-storage unit for your move, perhaps you should hang on to it for a bit longer if you choose not to though, luckily you can easily rent another self-storage unit in the future with ease because it is flexible, convenient and accessible.

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